Membership Information
Gulf Coast Professional Photographers is a local "Guild" affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America.
It exists to educate, enhance professionalism and promote fellowship among professional photographers in our area. We have about 10 programs per year featuring new techniques in lighting, marketing, posing, and digital which are important to keep up with. Each year, we have a one or two day seminar with an outstanding photographer/teacher from out of the area. We have   had top-notch speakers from as far away as California, Washington D.C. and Miami.

How to join
Complete a membership application "Application"
Review our mission statement and ethics information. "About Us"
Contact a board member by phone or at a monthly meeting to turn in your application. "Board"
Two board members will visit you to see your business licenses and sales tax information (State, County, City) and view your work.
Your application will be presented to the board to be reviewed and voted on.
If approved by the board then the general membership will vote on your application.

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