What We Believe
The value and success of this organization depends entirely upon YOU. Everyone who participates in making GCPPA the great organization that it is, from all of our volunteer board members and committee chairpersons, to the many volunteer members who are willing to help with some of the simpler, yet equally valuable tasks! As members we have many opportunities to get involved; putting your time and effort into GCPPA not only makes it a better organization, it makes it your organization.
Our Code of Ethics
Endeavor to maintain a dignity of manner in my behavior, in the presentation of my photography and photographic service, in my appearance and that of my studio or place of business and in all other forms of public contact.

Observe the highest standard of honesty in all my transactions; avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms, descriptions and claims.

At all times endeavor to produce photographs of a quality equal or superior to the samples I display, to apply my best efforts towards providing the best possible photographic service and to play my part in raising the general standard of craftsmanship.

Show a friendly spirit of cooperation to my fellow professional photographers and assist them whenever possible should they be ill or in a difficult situation.

At all times to avoid the use of unfair competitive practices and I hereby subscribe to the Federal Trade Commission Rules of fair competitive practice for the professional photography industry.

Assist my fellow photographers, share knowledge with them and encourage them individually and collectively to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality and service to their customers.

Our Leadership
The GCPPA is directed by four Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary), and a Board Of Directors. All leadership positions are filled by volunteers.  Meet the Board!

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Who We Are
The Gulf Coast Professional Photographers Association is a group of local licensed professional photographers. We are dedicated to the principle of constantly elevating the standards of our industry, both ethically and professionally. It is our purpose to create and maintain cordial and businesslike relations with the people and businesses we serve. The field of professional photography is a dynamic one which requires those who practice it to constantly update their skills and knowledge of photography. Through the Gulf Coast Professional Photographers Association new ideas and techniques are learned and shared so that each studio may better serve our valued customers.
Our Mission Statement Goals
To promote and safeguard the interest of professional photography.   
To maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics in professional photography
To prevent & curtail unfair practices in the photographic profession.
To cultivate friendships and mutual understanding among professional photographers.
To promote professional photography through public education.
To further the education of members of the association.

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